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Sri Garima Recording Studio a multi-track recording studio situated in the city famous for its quality llicchi i.e. Muzaffarpur town was inaugurated on 07th Feb 2001.

In Sri Garima you would find a unique optimization of latest technology and good-old human ingenuity. Functionality being the key mantra, the studio uses high-quality equipment and software, which are complimented by an ambience that by its simplicity brings out the innermost creativity in the artist and the work is executed through feel and experience.

No wonder that in less than fifteen years, Sri Garima has become a favourite workplace for musicians from India and around the globe. The studio has executed projects in all genres of music ranging from Indian classical, Bollywood music, folklore and regional music to jazz, rock, western classical and the works. Background music for documentaries, jingles, and promo clips has also been recorded here utilizing the services of in-house musicians, arranger and composer.


Sri Garima offers services in recording, editing, mixing and mastering of audio productions. The studio also offers the optional services of highly talented, affiliated musicians who are established. Many projects requiring music composition/ arrangement are done here.

Background music for video productions / films / documentaries is also undertaken.

Studio facilities

  • Recording software: Nuendo 5.5
  • Mixer: Yamaha 32/14fx
  • Soundcard: Mutto
  • Simultaneous recording: 8 tracks (being upgraded to 12 tracks)
  • Microphones: Rode NT200, Shure SM 58, 57, 57 beta
  • Monitor: Yamaha HS80M
  • Keyboard: Korg Krome
  • VST Instruments- Nexus,Hypersonics, Swar Plug,Stylus, Saxlab etc
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