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Audio Recording

"Audio dubbing" term has become very famous now a days.The big advantage of a professional audio dubbing service is being able to view the video in a more natural way. Some people generally don’t like reading subtitles on top of already watching and listening to video. Dubbing is also advantageous for technical video products where the viewer might be holding a product in their hands and listening to instructions.

There are two general styles of foreign language audio dubbing:

  • Lip syncing where the audio is timed very closely to the onscreen lip movement.
  • U.N. style where the translation and dubbed voice are more loosely matched with lip movement.

Our studio with having good infrastructure and highly technical skilled team helps our client to dubb their projects @ a very nominal budget with high quality output. Our studio have 32 bit float bit technology enabled recording setup. The acousitc booth of our studio provides you the naturality of the character without any abnormal ambience. After the complition of dubbing work, we also provide the world class musical backgrounds according to the situation of the story of project to make it more natural.

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