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Mall Branding

Mall Ads are emerging as one of the famous modes of brand promotion through OOH media. Reaching out to customers who visit the malls for shopping, dining or leisurely purposes, Our innovative & unique concept of advertising represents the new age mode of brand promotion. We always try to design the advertisment of our client in such a way that it can easily hit the eyeballs of customers thereby conveying the brand message. The future of mall advertising seems lucrative with many more shopping malls coming up in the next few years.

The Advantages of Mall Branding:

  • Mall Advertising reaches consumers at, or just before point of purchase.
  • Mall Advertising offers the ability to target consumers who are in the “buying mode.”
  • Eye popping, full color backlit displays can deliver a clear and dramatic advertising message.
  • Mall displays are typically positioned at eye level, in a clean & uncluttered environment.
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