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Visual Compaign

Visual communication is any form of communication that conveys an idea through visual aid. It therefore, relies purely on vision.

Visual metaphors are used a lot in advertising. (Boozer, Wyld, & Grant, 1991) They help elaborate the message intended to send through to the audience and increase the chance of persuading them. They are likely to increase the cognition value of the message, which leads to cognitive elaboration when the audience processes the message.Through visual tools, an advertisement can suggest its attitude, the brand attitude, product belief and purchase intention.

Visual ads always consider as the best marketing tool that we can use to popularize your Online Business or website. The main reason of their prominence was that they can be widely viewed due to their multicolored and noticeable appearance on internet, similar to TV ads that were popular previously, than any other medium of online advertisement. In this way advertiser supposed to become successful in attracting the attention of the visitors to their website or ads. .

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